Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Alert Kidde 900-0122


Unique alarm designed to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide giving a voice warning. It has a Test/Reset button, is battery operated and comes with 5 years warranty

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

We recommend the latest model Kidde 10SCO Combinaton Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm, which is definitely a better unit.

The Kidde 900-0122 battery operated combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm is designed to detect both smoke and carbon monoxide from any source of combustion.  It is suitable for any residential homes but not for caravans or boats.
When both fire and carbon monoxide are detected the smoke alarm sounds first. The unit has a ionisation smoke sensor which  is faster than the optical sensor in detecting fast flaming fires which give off little smoke. For your safety it is recommended to install optical smoke alarms too.

The carbon monoxide sensor uses an electrochemical technology and the unit will alert you when high levels of CO are present or when there are low levels of CO present over a longer period of time.

You should install a combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm in or near every room with fuel burning appliances. Do not install in kitchens, garages, boiler rooms or bathrooms.

This unit has a unique voice message warning system which will tell you clearly what danger is present.
– In case of a fire the voice pattern is 3 long alarm beeps followed by “Fire, Fire” and the red light will flash
– When CO is detected  4 short beeps are followed by “Warning Carbon Monoxide” and the red light will flash
– When the batteries are  low the red light and a voice message will alert you that they need replacing
Kidde900-0122 Combined Smoke and Carbon monoxide alarm has a

Peak level memory feature, triggered by pressing the Test button, which will alert you if

dangerous CO levels were detected

during your absence.

Technical specifications:
  • Sensors:  separate smoke and carbon monoxide sensors
  • Power supply: battery Operated (3AA’s included)
  • Test/Reset Button: tests alarm circuit operation, resets the unit and activates the peak level memory
  • Loud  sound: 85 decibel alarm.
  • Green and red LEDs.
  •    – Green Light: flashes every 30 seconds when the unit is operating properly
  •    – Red Light:  flashes when dangerous levels of smoke or CO are detected
  •  Battery lockout system that prohibits installation without using three batteries.
  •  Tamper Resist Feature
  • Unique Voice Alarm -tells you which danger has been detected
  • End of Life Alarm alerts user to replace the alarm
  • Peak level memory alerts you if dangerous CO levels were  detected during your absence
  • Temperature Range 4 ̊C to 38 ̊C
  • Dimensions155 x 155 x 45mm
  • Weight 0.38kg
  • Life of Alarm 7-year sensor life
  • Approvals  CE approved (there is no standard for combined some and CO alarm)
  • Warranty 5-years

Download Kidde Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Manual

Kidde 900-0122 Datasheet

Do not forget to test your combined smoke and carbon monoxide alarm WEEKLY

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